April 18, 2007

Avon Giraffe Perfume Bottle

My older sister had this bottle of perfume on her dresser, the bottle was in the shape of a giraffe. I was not allowed to touch it but I probably did when she wasn't around.

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Denise Matteau said...

I was just searching for this bottle to see if the measurements are listed because a friend of mine asked me to put it online for sale and she forgot to tell me how tall it is. I am putting it in our Ruby Lane store at http://www.rubylane.com/shops/theteapotcoop and hers is full of Topaz cologne and in excellent condition.

My mother used to keep a dresser drawer full of avon products that she sent me to every time she heard someone was in the hospital or needing "sympathy". I remember Topaz was one of my favorite scents! I would stand at this large drawer looking for what she sent me upstairs to get, and she would be standing underneath the heat-grate yelling up to me: "look in the left side! under the napkins!" *LOL* I can smell all the powders and colognes right now, just remembering it!