February 14, 2008


I got valentines like some of these when I was in elementary school. I wonder did every school do what our school did? We would make a valentine holder out of a tissue box or 2 paper plates, decorate them with cardboard hearts and other trimmings then put them on our desks. On Valentine's Day we would go around the classroom and deliver valentine's to our classmates. In the afternoon we would have a party with chips and drinks and open our valentine holders.

The valentine cards that I specifically remember are the 2nd from the top right in the first picture, the parachute boy in the 2nd picture and the 2 girl cards on the ends of the 2nd row from the top in the 3rd picture.


Jo said...

I loved those valentine books!! We did the same thing in our classroom and my kids do the same still. They get more stuff nowadays though...most parents do up little baggies of candy and some throw in pencils with heart erasers and stuff like that. The valentine holders are still paper plates or heart shaped construction paper.

Martha said...

What memories!! And you saw these in ebay!!! I wish I had kept mine!