March 27, 2008

String Art

In the 70's we learned how to do string art in elementary school. Get a piece of wood, cover it with a piece of material (preferably black velvet) and then place a pattern over it that was printed out on a piece of paper. The pattern was dots and you would then nail a small brass nail on each dot. Then tear away the paper and start your art. We'd use crochet cotton for the string and wind it around each nail and string it from nail to nail until we had a pattern made. I guess there was a sequence you had to follow to get it to come out looking right. We mostly made abstract designs (like a spirograph would make) but there were other designs as well. I remember a boat like this with the seagulls in the sky.

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Jo said...

I LOVED these! We had a similar boat on a black background. I dont know how many times I armed myself with string, nails and a board and headed off to do my own 'art'. Never quite worked out.