February 23, 2009


When I was in high school I had a matchbook collection. My aunts and uncles would bring them back to me from hotels and I collected them wherever I could find them. I found these matchbooks for sale on eBay, they are all from Newfoundland and I am sure I had some of them.

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Maverick Collecting said...

A really nice, nostalgic site, I have linked to you, as all my toy soldier followers need a feminine perspective from time to time!!

On the subject of book matches, I used to collect them as well (along with beer-mats. stamps and all manner of stuff, but they went the way of all flesh...I did keep one each of the matches though, in a big matchbox! I loved the colours!

I also recently got a box of matches from the 'Windows on the World' restaurant, on the back, the label gives the address - 107th Floor, New York World Trade Centre; holding it after nearly a decade of those images - so raw in their awful majesty - is like holding a piece from a Pharaohs tomb or an alien artefact, it sends goose-bumps up your spine...(sad smiley - if I knew how to include one in a blog post...)