February 14, 2010

Vintage Valentines

Some of these valentines look very familiar, especially the envelopes you had to cut out and glued together. And I know I had the parachute valentine in the middle of the first photo.


annemarie said...

What a great blog. Brings me back, wayyyyy back...to Corner Brook which I haven't seen since 1969 :(

And yet I still love the place.

Thanks for this.

Anne Marie

David said...

I remember when my mother used to buy me valentines to distribute in school and to my friends houses. What a mess there'd be with the glue...lol. We use to wait until dark and sneak up to someone's house, put a valentine by the door, knock, and boot her off to hide. Never did get caught but I caught a few of my friends. Brings back a flood of memories, thanks.