August 04, 2006


This was one of our favourite games. I don't remember the rules, something about matching up paintings. There was one painting we found freaky, a portrait of a man whose eyes seemed to be watching you no matter what angle you looked at him.


K. said...

I love this blog!!! I also lost most of my childhood mementos in a housefire, and spent a year on ebay locating forgotten items. Even bought some of them.

You're memory is sharper than mine, though. I had totally forgotten about Masterpiece and the Skedoodle. And I loved the Red Rose tea figurines. My grandmother had dozens of them.


Pugger Blogger said...

Hi, Karen. We had this game, too. There were two kinds of cards, the paintings, plus cards with various prices, which would be clipped behind the painting cards. When you'd buy a painting when it came up for auction, you hoped that it had a higher price than you paid for it - and that it wasn't a Forgery!
I'm not sure if it's the one you meant as being creepy, but the portrait that came to mind was the one of the Duke of Wellington in his red jacket.