August 02, 2006

World Map Pencil Box

I don't know how long this was in our family or where it came from but it was always in the top drawer of Dad's filing cabinet (the drawer without files, it was like a junk drawer and a treasure trove for us kids). Our pencil box was green but was exactly like this. What made it special was the world map on top and the two little wheels you could turn. The country name was displayed in one window and the capital of that country was displayed in the other window. I guess I played with it enough that the capitals were ingrained in my memory because I still know many world capitals. We were playing a trivia game not to long ago and the question (for bonus points) was "What is the capital of Turkey?". My partner didn't think I would know but I did, thanks in part I am sure to this pencil box. (oh, the answer is Ankara)

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Jo said...

We never had this but I remember my older cousin having one that I loved. Maps, globes and anything like it were fascinating to me as a kid.